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10 things you need to stop doing if you want to be successful

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Positive attitude

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Life is like the waves on the ocean, somedays it goes up, somedays it goes down. As long as we have positive attitude, we can go through it like a floating ship.

Many people go through life giving up too early, surrendering too soon. That’s like abandoning the ship because of a big wave.

Others go through life with secrets. That’s like sailing across the ocean with a hole at the bottom of the ship.

Those that work together with a transparent, positive attitude, and a definite goal are the ones who make it across.

Diamond Samir Attalah always teaches that attitude is a choice.

Volkswagon Is Laying Off 30,000 People To Cut Costs

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Personal Development

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Most people are eager to change their circumstances, but they are not willing to change themselves. Samir Attalah has proved that we can accomplish anything we want in this world through a great work habit and a strong integrity. Through the Amway business and the Worldwide Dream Builder mentorship, he has accomplished a life that can only be a dream to many people. And he shares that the association that we have and the books that we read are keys to attract success.

How JOB ruins America

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Have you ever heard someone justifying that we should be thankful that we have a job? I have. Yes, we should be thankful for our jobs. In fact, we should be thankful for every breath we have, but we should not stay there. The best way to appreciate the gift that God gives to us is being the best that we can. A job doesn’t allow us to live our best. As a great businessman and mentor, Samir Attalah says that job people always think short-term and expect to be rewarded right away. They always ask what they can get after 1 hour of work. If they don’t reap reward such as money right away, they give up easily. Business people always think long-term. They always ask themselves what they can accomplish after 1, 3, 5, 10 years. What are the growth potential? What type of life do they want? Which vehicle will allow them to get there?

The best way to put it is the concept of renting versus owning a car. When you rent, you fly right through speed bumps, you put tons of milage, and leave the thrash in the car. When you own it, you wash it every week, you slow down through speed bumps, you don’t even let your kids eat inside the car.

A job is a good place to start, but it should never be a place to finish. Samir always says that not owning a business in America is a sin, and I agree with his statement 100%. I believe that you will never feel like a true American until you own a business.

Eat healthy food

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You may wondering how eating healthy is related to how successful you are in life. Have you ever felt sleepy, unfocused after a heavy meal? I have, and it was not fun to get back to work after that. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, yet most people skip it and wonder why they get angry easily at work which results in them getting fired. Don’t get defensive, I was one of those people, and learned it the hard way. Therefore, learn from me, eat breakfast if you want to be successful. Don’t eat too much at night is another thing I learned because it won’t allow you to sleep and affect your weight.

The types of food you eat is also very important. Oily, fried, refined sugary, salty stuff are generally very bad for you. Fruits and vegetables, fishes, milk, cheese, whole grain are very good. Avoid boiling your veggies or cutting the skin of your fruits too much as you lose most of the nutrients of the food that way. For more tips on eating healthy, read this.

How to turn stress into productivity

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With a full time job, a family with kids, and bills to pay, it is very easy to become overwhelmed with stress. We, as responsible citizens, should have stress to a certain level. Only a bump doesn’t have stress, and that is not us. However, there are positive and negative stresses. I remember how WWDB Diamond Samir Attalah always says: “If you are not busy in America, you are not American”. And he asks a very good question and that is “But are you busy and productive or are you just busy?” In other word, he asks whether we are getting the results from our busyness. Here are few tips on how to turn stress into productivity.

7 Personal traits of a great leader

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Most people think of leader as someone who is the head of a country such as a president, or the head of an army such as a general. The truth is that each and everyone of us is a leader. If you have kids, you’re a leader to your kids. Everything you do, your kids will do the exact same thing in greater scale. If you have neighbors, you’re a leader in your neighborhood. If you have relatives, friends, coworkers, you’re a leader to them. So be a good leader, be the leader that you yourself want to follow. Samir Attalah has been teaching on this topic for years. Because of his leadership example, many lives have been changed. Read this article for more!

How successful people handle adversity

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If you ever have a chance to listen to  one of Samir Attalah’s speeches, you will hear him saying that adversity is a part of life, that the only people who have zero adversity are the ones who are 6 feet under. He also mentions how we should not wish for less adversity but a stronger back to carry the load, to withstand and overcome it. Read this article to learn more!

Strive for excellence, not perfection

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As I read this article, it reminds me of what WWDB Diamond Samir Attalah mentions in his talks, and that is the importance of daily evaluation and reflection. He advices that we should all reflect and reevaluate on daily basis. The best way is having a personal journal.

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